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Hummer Test, or How durable is laser tag equipment?
How durable is laser tag equipment?

Laser Tag Systems and Manufacturers
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Manufacturer: Worlds of Wonder
Address: USA
Phone: N/a
E-mail: N/a
Web: N/a
Characteristics: indoor / outdoor lasertag, infrared technology, special devices and effects, out of business since 1988


Manufacturer: Zone Laser Games / P & C Micro's Pty Ltd
Address: 5 Harker St, Burwood, Victoria, 3125 Australia
Phone: +61 3 9888 9333, Fax: +61 3 9888 9001
E-mail: N/a
Characteristics: indoor and outdoor lasertag systems / inflatable arenas, infra-red technology, interactive devices for mazes, radiocontrolled, warranty up to 60 months
Additional information: Read Interview with site operator (Huddersfield, UK) »

Pages:« 1 2 3 4 5 6

:: Laser Tag Systems and Manufacturers ::

Laser Tag Systems and Manufacturers

The laser tag systems (manufacturers) are enlisted in alphabetical order according to their main brand (trademark). Some local HSL-styled manufacturers (systems barnds) may be enlisted here, as well.

Any trademarks or copyrights that do not belong to us are used here for illustrative purposes under the fair use guidelines and protected by all international law.

Special thanks: To promote our Laser Tag Systems and Manufacturers section in the web, we use in our banner(s) the modified images taken at and by the staff of Cybertown Arena (Sweden) and BattleField Sports (Australia).

Please note, that the marked with a 'star' icon military combat simulators (or, CFS - combat firung simulators) are the products of military purpose and they cannot be purchased at civilian markets.

Key to read the icons:

:: Indoor laser tag ::
:: Military training system ::
:: Outdoor laser tag ::
:: Indoor / outdoor laser tag ::
:: Infrared laser tag system ::
:: Laser-based laser tag system ::
:: Interactive maze devices ::
:: Maze ::
:: Radiocontrolled equipment ::
:: replication of real weapons ::
:: Additional special effects ::
:: Water / dust resistance ::
:: Windows-based software ::
:: Warranty term (months) ::
:: Not confirmed ::
:: No current production ::

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