Gastat play set (original edition)

Shotguns are not very popular in laser tag. To a certain extent, this is due to the fact that the assortment of shotguns is not as varied as it is of assault rifles and sniper rifles. When inside buildings, players prefer to use a second weapon, such as compact pistols and submachine guns.

Yet a shotgun is the king of rooms – it is frequently more efficient and will manage 3 to 4 rivals at a time. Two shots will be sufficient to force rivals to leave a convenient location and to make it available for team allies.

For all those who love to sweep away their enemies in seconds and break into ambush, here is another super blaster. The already familiar SG-9000 WALTER has got a mate now – the GASTAT play set of the ORIGINAL edition.


The model is an airsoft copy of the Benelli M4. The combat prototype was designed and developed in Italy. The weapon is being used by the special forces in Greece, Georgia, Iraq, Slovakia. The M4 is in service in the US Marine Corps, and is also deployed with the SEAL special operations force. The weapon is popular without any doubt: in June 2009, Australia placed an order for a batch of rifles for a sum of 125 000 dollars. 

The play shotgun looks bold and sleek: the barrel and the shot chamber have been made from an aluminium alloy, the flexible handguard and the grip have been made from impact resistant plastic. The weight of the blaster is 2.1 kg.

The plastic is pleasant to the touch, the grip with the corrugated surface is very comfortable. The front section of the shotgun is heavier than its back section. Therefore, you have to hold the GASTAT with both your hands. The length of the play set is 65 cm.

The model does not have a stock. This gives a player freedom of movement when inside premises.


In the construction of the model, we used a special barrel. The optical system that was used influenced the firing range by making it close to real-life mark – now it is 40 m. We did not use an external barrel, thus preserving its realistic look. The only features that give away a laser tag blaster in this model are the charger jack, the switch lock and the On/ Off indicator.

These elements have been placed at the bottom of the shotgun. The GASTAT has preserved its mobile breechblock. It does not add any additional functions to it, yet you must agree that this way, the model does not look like just a piece of metal.

For the sighting devices, an adjustable backsight and a foresight have been used. The model is not fitted with Picatinny rails for mounting a collimator sight.

The play set comes with sling swivels. The safety catch has been placed above the trigger, their usual functions have been kept. The gun is reloaded using a flexible handguard.

The lithium-ion accumulator with a capacity of 2.2 Ah guarantees up to 30 hours of continuous operation.


The model’s cost is 18900 roubles. At this price, you get a special blaster – the rivals won’t stand a chance. The authentic look and reloading function, its comfortable grip and the power that will be long remembered by many. You can buy the GASTAT now from our LASERWAR online store.


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