European Laser Tag Industry Index Ranking

How strong is laser tag industry in different European countries? Which European countries are the leaders of the regional laser tag industry? In which country are the most favourable conditions for starting a laser tag business? - all these questions can be answered by the European Laser Tag industry Index Ranking.

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The calculated Index Ranking of Laser Tag Industry in European countries as per March, 2011 (indicated in points; minimal value is "-1", maximal - "+125" average - "5.50-12.49") is as follows:

The following countries are indicated by figures at the map: (1) - Belgium 16.78 points; (2) - The Netherlands 40.63 points; (3) - Denmark 15.29 points; (4) - Czech Republic 5.22 points; (5) - Austria 4.58 points; (6) - Slovakia 2.84 points; (7) - Hungary 9.00 points; (8) - Estonia 37.31 points; (9) - Latvia 33.56 points; (10) - Lithuania 4.08 points; (11) - Bulgaria 4.32 points; (12) - Georgia 4.16 points; (13) - Switzerland 8.81 points, (14) - Serbia 2.10. Not shown at the map are: Israel 2.31 points; Kazakhstan 6.04 points; Kyrgyzstan 1.82 points.

Group Index Ranking Level (Description) Index Value, points Countries
A+ Very high (Extremely strong laser tag industry; High level of competition) More than 20.00 Cyprus, Estonia, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom
A- High (Strong laser tag industry; Rather strong level of competition) 12.50-19.00 Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Russia, Ukraine
B+ Optimal (Rather strong laser tag industry; Normal level of competition) 9.00-12.49 Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain
B- Normal (Average) 5.50-8.00 Kazakhstan, Poland, Switzerland
C+ Low (Rather weak laser tag industry; Low level of competition) 2.00-5.49 Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Serbia, Slovakia
C- Very low / Regressive (May be a problematic region for the industry; No competition) Less than 2.00 Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey
D Zero-Level (No laser tag industry at all, most probably a problematic region for the industry) 0.00 Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Slovenia