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The TRUTNEE.COM portal is a private independent Internet project that exists with the support of interested parties, organizations, and Internet resources. Since the portal is a non-commercial resource and its goal is to fully promote the development of e-sports (laser tags) in the CIS, it is considered by default that the publication of materials taken from open sources of similar subjects, with this purpose, does not require prior notification of the author (s).

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  • Laser tag Arena Design Services

    Laser tag Arena Design Services

    Your own laser tag arena opening is anything but simple. It’s construction and design largely defines your business success.

  • Losing weight while playing laser tag

    Losing weight while playing laser tag

    In the modern world of couch potatoes and snack bars, the problem of excess weight is relevant for many men and women. Thus, according to Rospotrebnadzor, the number of obese people has doubled over the past eight years.

  • M4 Аrizona play set of the original range

    M4 Аrizona play set of the original range

    There are no combat equivalents of the M4 ARIZONA model. The design of this submachine gun has been developed by the Ares company for airsoft drives only. The design idea has been borrowed from the MP5 KURZ submachine gun, which is very similar to the game model. Still, ARIZONA is a remarkable blaster with many advantages. Let’s talk about them.

  • Gastat play set (original edition)

    Gastat play set (original edition)

    Shotguns are not very popular in laser tag. To a certain extent, this is due to the fact that the assortment of shotguns is not as varied as it is of assault rifles and sniper rifles. When inside buildings, players prefer to use a second weapon, such as compact pistols and submachine guns. Yet a shotgun is the king of rooms – it is frequently more efficient and will manage 3 to 4 rivals at a time. Two shots will be sufficient to force rivals to leave a convenient location and to make it available for team allies.

  • Biathlon 2.0 from laserwar

    Biathlon 2.0 from laserwar

    Laser tag biathlon is a perspective trend. Its advantages have already been recognized at numerous exhibitions, including the RAPPA Expo 2016, the Innovations Day held by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Moscow City Day. The Russian federation of laser biathlon has been taking active interest in this trend. The reasons for this are clear. Laser biathlon lowers the minimum age limit. While the recommended age to start training in the common biathlon is 8 – 11 years, using a laser tag rifle lowers this age limit to 6 – 7 years.