M4 Аrizona play set of the original range

There are no combat equivalents of the M4 ARIZONA model. The design of this submachine gun has been developed by the Ares company for airsoft drives only. The design idea has been borrowed from the MP5 KURZ submachine gun, which is very similar to the game model. Still, ARIZONA is a remarkable blaster with many advantages. Let’s talk about them.


The play set looks and feels great. It is light, compact, has an additional grip. A collimator may be the only thing that needs to be added. All the mobile parts work smoothly, and there are familiar clicks when the stock and the safety catch change their position. The model will ideally suit indoor battles, and won’t disturb players’ movements in narrow corridors.

Built into the ARIZONA is a li-ion accumulator with a capacity of 2.2 Ah. The blaster continuous operation time is 30 hours, thereafter it needs to be charged.

The tried and tested solutions implemented in the model include the security switch lock, a bolt used for reloading, a speaker built into the magazine, the charger inlet on the front rib of the magazine.


The frame is made from ABS plastic. When you hold the model for the very first time, it feels very much like metal. The material is pleasant to the touch, the texture and roughness increase its comfort. The weight of the model is just 1.6 kg, which means that ARIZONA will suit anyone.

One of the distinctive features of the play set is its foldable stock. By folding it down on the right hand side, you can turn the model into a blaster with the length no submachine guns can boast.

Its length when the stock is unfolded is 65 cm.

Its length when the stock is folded is 41 cm.

When folded the ARIZONA is comfortable to transport or to carry on a belt. There is a sling swivel on the left hand side of the frame, which is used for attaching a sling.


The gun grip looks like Magpul Moe grip. The corrugated surface of the grip makes it comfortable and steady: the set won’t slip out of player’s hands in the middle of a battle.

The tactical grip and the handguard are one piece. This is a reliable construction, and the detail does not get loose after a few games. The grip is hollow inside and has an ideal diameter, making it comfortable for any laser tag player to hold.


As to the scopes, there is a fixed muzzle sight and back sight located on the standard Picatinny rail. The rail is suitable for any collimator and optical sights. The effective firing range is 150 metres.


The cost of the play set is 24 800 roubles. At this price, you will get a compact model, which will deliver a lot of trouble to the enemy when used by a skilful player. You can buy the M4 ARIZONA at our online store right now.


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