M4 KANZAS play set (original edition)

The M4-177 is a well-known air rifle. The model is notable for its precision, and the possibility to choose between balls and pellets for shooting. Yet the pneumatic version has a weak point. The uncomfortable reloading mechanism cancels out all the advantages of the rifle.

Fortunately, the laser tag model is void of this flaw. The M4 KANZAS play set has preserved the comfort characteristics of the M range rifles. It has also been fitted with an authentic silencer. Now, here is more about the advantages of the play set.


The blaster is comfortable. It combines in itself all the features that we admire so much about laser tag blasters: it is lightweight, has a telescopic stock, Picatinny rails and an ergonomic grip.

The first thing that catches attention is the movement of the trigger. It is smooth and hardly any pressure needs to be applied to it to produce a shot.

The pistol grip is comfortable to hold due to its corrugated surface and concavities for fingers. The model does not squeak and does not backlash, which means that the M4 will do well during a game.


The KANZAS looks very much like the Colt M4. The body is made from impact resistant plastic. The plastic has a rough surface, pleasant to the touch. When one holds it with one’s hands, it does not feel like a toy air rifle.

The weight of the rifle is 1.9 kg. The M4 is easy to use: it only takes seconds to do various manipulations, such as changing hands, regulating the stock length, reloading.

A 2.2 Ah lithium-ion accumulator fitted inside. The play set will work continuously for 30 hours and will need to be recharged after that. Any LASERWAR charging devices of the Li+ range can be used to do this.

To turn on the device, use the button on the left-hand side of the frame.

The charger inlet is hidden behind the famous breechblock “shutter”. Just as in other models, the inlet is covered with a rubber cap, which stops dust and humidity getting inside.

The breechblock is on the right-hand side of the body. It is used for reloading the gun. The speaker has been concealed inside of the magazine.


The model is fitted with a telescopic stock, which has three positions. There is a buttpad and a sling swivel at the end. The length of the blaster can be changed from 93 to 101 cm.

The KANZAS is fitted with Picatinny rails, which can be used for a laser aim finder, a tactical torch and for scopes. The standard sights – a flip-back ring back sight (2 apertures) and a foresight – can be mounted on them, too. The effective firing range is 200 metres.


The M4 KANZAS is a great device for personal use. At 21000 roubles, you will get a blaster that is free from the flaws of its pneumatic prototype. You are guaranteed to be left with pleasant emotions after a game, due to the fact that this gadget is lightweight, is comfortable and is fitted with exceptional LASERWAR electronics. We highly recommend it. You can buy it now from our online store.


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