Safe world of virtual reality

The use of VR technologies has gone long beyond the limits of the gaming industry. Virtual reality is an active type of rest and a great way to improve and also transform children's and corporate training.

We answer the main questions about games in VR arenas. Is it true that it is motion sickness?

It all depends on your vestibular apparatus. Most often, players don’t have motion sickness and dizziness. Detailed briefing, clarity of picture, lightness of equipment allow you to feel comfortable in the arena from the first minutes.

Are there any contraindications? There are no health contraindications of using VR, but the player’s mental state is very important. You need to be careful about the choice of content, avoiding maps with bright and especially dynamic scenes, wild special effects, if necessary.

The WARSTATION’s games are safe for players of all ages. We are for a profitable and useful business.
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