SL-9A1 REIN play set of the original range

The MG36 models range is famous for being reliable and user-friendly. At all big events, whether it is the International Laser Tag Championship or The Battle of Heroes, you are sure to meet players that hold various G36 models in their hands. This is hardly a surprise, for such play sets suit both girls and guys, left-handed and right-handed people, those who love to attach too many parts to a gun and those for whom the standard back sight and muzzle sight are sufficient.

You can buy the authentic HK-G36-CV BUNDESWEHR and the compact HK-G36-KV KOMMANDO of the G range right now in the LASERWAR online store. You will have no doubts left as to the power of MG-36 KREUZ from the machine gun section. Another model has been added to the sniper rifles range. We are talking about SL-9A1 REIN.


You will get impressed by the look of the set at once. It has appealing design: clear lines and reinforcement ribs, no sticking out details that can be broken. There are no gaps in the rifle. The stock and the handguard are not loose, the sights are fitted tight. Everything seems to suggest that the model will withstand many games.

The frame of the model is made from ABS-plastic, it weighs 3600 grams. Fitted inside the REIN is a lithium-ion accumulator with a capacity of 2.2 Ah. The SL-9A1 will operate for 30 hours continuously, it will need to be put on charge after that.

Among the tried and tested solutions implemented in the model there is the advance protection switch, the activation mechanism located at the bottom of the grip, the speaker built into the magazine.

The rifle is reloaded using a bolt. The cocking handle can be turned right or left by 90 degrees. Therefore, the REIN is equally good for both right-handed and left-handed players. In carrying position the cocking handle does not stick out, which will allow to avoid accidental reloading of the weapon.


The stock and the grip are a clearly strong uniform structure.

The length of the stock is regulated using 7 sections. This is convenient, for everyone can choose the length that suits them best. The stock is fixed using 2 screws at the side.

The cheek pad is composed of sections too. The 3 sections allow to regulate its height or remove it altogether if it makes using the sights impossible.


The sights are mounted on the carrier handle and comprise the upper collimator sight and lower optical sight. Such construction makes the scopes almost indestructible. Same cannot be said about similar models with open collimators.

The scopes have a 3.5 times magnification. The aiming reticle is made out of a crosschair and a circle, the scope threads intersection in the middle. The adjustment scale and the rangefinder sight marked up to 800 m. Though adjustments are not essential for laser tag games they will be admired by those who love authenticity.

The collimator sight is located higher above, is battery operated and is switched on using a switch located on the right hand side. The miniature scope will feel different to those who have already tried the 1x40 collimator sights by LASERWAR. Yet even being this small it functions perfectly well, thus controlling the surroundings will not be any difficult.

Both the sights have adjustment units, one hex key is sufficient to make adjustments.

A sniper barrel made a great addition to the scopes. The REIN effective firing range is 250 metres. The foldable bipods that are included in the set will be handy for such a distance. When unfolded they are comfortable to hold, and they are easy to transport when they are folded.


The play set costs 33000 roubles. At this price, you will get a reliable frame, 2 sights, bipods, an adjustable cheek pad and a stock. The SL-9A1 REIN will prove itself, will make a great helpmate at the battlefield. You can buy the play set right now from our online store.


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