History od Laser Tag

  • 2009


    USA: LTMSA was closed.

    January - New domestic outdoor laser tag system - Poligon64 - was introduced in Russia.

    February - Laser Light Entertainment Inc. (California, USA) officially claimed that they had purchased Q-Zar assets, Q-Zar brand and Q-Zar Logo (with the priority period started in January, 2008). The company started mass sale of Q-Zar equipment (including a rather rare modification of it, Q-Kidz) and announced their plans concerning development works aiming at bringing the Q-Zar equipment to the modern level.

    June - Russian manufacturer of military combat simulation system - CDB TochPribor (Tselik / Nora brands) presented commercial version of the equipment - Ataka-3 laser tag system.

    August - TRUTNEE.COM published analytical survey - European Laser Tag Industry Ranking. According to it, the strongest national laser tag industries in Europe may be observed in Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom ('Group A+'), followed by Cyprus, Finland, France, Ireland and Norway ('Group A-').

    October - World: Zone Laser Games started marketing their new laser tag system, RIFT Blaster.

    Australia: Outdoor laser tag components' manufacturer - Laser Combat Technologies - was closed.

  • 2010


    July - New outdoor laser tag system - SimGun - appeared in Austria.

    August - International Modern Pentathlon Union (IUPM) announced that laser guns would replace traditional air pistols in the modern pentathlon at the 2012 London Olympics after a successful trial at the inaugural Youth Olympics in Singapore (August, 2010) and World Cup final in Moscow (June, 2010).

    August - In Belgium and UK an attempt to organize a big-scale outdoor laser tag championship (an European analogue to Australian Clan Wars) was made.

    September - Microsoft partnered with an Australian outdoor laser tag manufacturer to run a series of live games as a pre-launch event for the hugely anticipated HALO: Reach video game. (at the picture).

    NIS-countries - Russian laser tag system - Poligon64 - expanded to the territories of Ukraine and Kazakhstan; the total number of the sites using this outdoor laser tag equipment comes to about 100.

    December - Australian laser tag manufacturer - BattleField Sports - created their new subdivision, Timescape, which was planned to deal with an indoor laser tag market. At this, a new phaser - Cobra, capable both for the outdoor and indoor use, was presented.